Outdoor Blinds
PVC and Shadeview Blinds are the perfect way to enclose your pergola, or entertaining area to create an outdoor room at home or for your commercial premises.  Available in premium clear or tinted styles. All of our PVC materials are commercial grade and have undergone UV testing ensuring longevity in the harsh Australian Climate.

All of our blinds are manufactured using high frequency welding with vertical weld seam joins, keeping the blind stable in all weather conditions - no ugly ropes or pulleys.  Our PVC material comes standard with commercial grade 7.5mm insuring the best of quality. SHADEVIEW or PVC blinds are available in a range of systems including SPRING or GEAR/CRANK.


What's unique about our Ziptrak Blind system and sets it apart from any other, is its specially designed slotted side tracks that enable the blind to glide smoothly and easily up and down, stopping at the desired level.  If you require complete enclosure, this is the recommended system. For many people it has been a difficult task to operate large outdoor blinds.  Conventional spring loaded blinds have to be pulled down and held down against the tension of the springs while the operator moves from side to side to fasten the bottom of the blind with buckles or leather straps.  This is time consuming and cumbersome.  That's why ZIPTRACK was developed.
For HIGH WIND AREAS we recommend the GEAR ROLLER / CRANK SYSTEM as it allows you to TENSION the blind with the ease of a handle keeping the blind  taught and clean line.  This unique system allows versatility for outdoor areas with rounded columns or large spans often eliminating the need for extra posts.
5 Year manufactures warranty
(conditions apply)